I can honestly say that Vedge is probably one of my favourite restaurants of all time. Not only was the food on point, but the service was bar none, the restaurant was beautiful and the price point was fair.

Since opening in the fall of 2011 it has won several awards and not just from the vegan community. In 2012 VegNews named it restaurant of the year and in 2014 Zagat named it the number one place to dine in Philadelphia.

Vedge is a bit more of a tapas style restaurant which is perfect because you will want to try everything on the menu. It was agreed that one of mine and Julie’s favourite things was the Rudabega Fondu. There are no words. We were delighted to hear from our server that the restaurant has a cook book but they were smart enough not to put the recipe of that fondu in it. It was to die for.IMG_3556


The Sunchoke Rosemary Puree was given to us as a sample to try. It was just being introduced and we were very pleased. It also tasted delish with the homemade pretzel!IMG_3555


Salt Roasted Gold Beets was next on the bucket. This I appreciated as it was their version of pastrami on rye bread and as a vegetarian that is the kind of thing I miss. Made with avocado, capers, dill and smoked tofu it is defiantly a must try.IMG_3557


Moving on to the grilled section of the menu we then ventured to the Wood Roasted Carrot. This was not one that I was looking forward to particularly but I did enjoy. Basically a grilled carrot BUT the sauce that it was served with made it extra scrumptious! IMG_3558


The Nebrodini Mushrooms were my next pick. I am a sucker for all things pasta, whether it be real or fake! These mushrooms were done in the style of fazzoletti pasta and finished with basil and roasted tomato. How could I say no? It was so good nonna would have approved. IMG_3560

Last but not least, we ventured in the direction of roasted cauliflower. A classic and not often one I am let down by. Unfortunately, I do not believe it is on the menu anymore so I am not able to pull up the official name and ingredients but it was just as everything else was at Vedge. Exquisite.