A “cuppa” my favourite London dining spots.


I have touched upon some of my favourite places to eat in my London in 72 hours blog  but it’s London, so there are quite a few more places that I think deserve a formal mention here.


Santa Maria – $$

The BEST pizza in London

The best pizza that I have ever had in my ENTIRE life was at Santa Maria in Ealing (West London). Now this is a bold statement coming from an Italian that has also been to Italy in search for delicious pizza. In Santa Maria’s defence, the owners are from Napoli and although their english isn’t the best, their cooking skills are. Their stove has been brought in from Italy as does most of their ingredients. They are SO serious about their pizza that they actually kicked someone out once for ordering just a salad. When the patron wrote to a local news agent to have the story published, they proudly hung the article by their cash register as a warning .You some to a pizza place for pizza, no mucking about. Their pizza flavours are classic so you are bound to love anything that you get and they cater well to vegetarians. Can you tell I am their number one fan? They started shaping my pizzas as hearts, I am quite sure it was because I single handily funded their renovations in 2015.

Homeslice – $$

This place is fantastic and so different from the traditional style of Santa Maria. All the pizzas here are quite big at 20″, £20 each and have some really interesting topping combinations like mushroom, ricotta pumpkin seed & chilli or chorizo, corn & coriander.  You can also get your pizza dressed half and half with two different topping combos at no extra charge. Something else to note is the way they serve their wine, by the measurement. Dropping a bottle at the table full at the beginning of dinner, they measure how much is left at the end and charge you by that. Kind of fun! Over all great food, but not as consistently delicious as Santa Maria 😉

High end dining

Rock and Rose – $$$

This is a beautiful restaurant in an even more beautiful location. This one is less vegetarian friendly than the last two as it is mostly grilled meat, fish an seafood. The ambiance in the restaurant is hard to match and it is quite small so it has a more intimate feel. They have been known to host a few celebrities from time to time which does increase the popularity of the restaurant so make sure that you make a reservation. If you are lucky enough to get some nice weather you can stroll around Richmond and some great dessert and stroll along the river.

Bob Bob Ricard – $$$$

img_6180This restaurant is a favourite and was mentioned in the other blog but I thought why not? Lets dig into it again. Famous for their Press for Champagne button and elegant all blue leather booths, it is easy to get carried away with the bill at this place. It’s one of those fancy places in which nothing comes with sides and they all have to be paid for separately but delicious none the less. Their dessert was my favourite thing on the menu, aside from the Champagne. A magnificent chocolate ball covered on gold dust  and drizzled in liquid chocolate to reveal the dessert within the dessert served with a side of fruit. Absolutely gorgeous.

Beach Blanket Babylon – $$$

This is another exquisite restaurant in West London that I discovered at a friends leaving-do. She has wanted to go to the restaurant for years and treated herself on her last few days in the city. The decor here is serious, flowers everywhere and the most gorgeous furniture. This restaurant is defiantly a place you can take to impress a date, no question but it is again on the pricey end. I have been there a few times and the service was either spectacular or poor so I am torn about my thoughts on that but the atmosphere is so alluring I will happily go back again and again.


Sunday Roast

The Red Lion: Ealing – $$

The Sunday Roast is a serious thing in the U.K. Serious. Everyone has their place and everyones is the best, obviously I am one of these people but mine actually is the best. I swear! Something to note about the Sunday Roast is that it is a dinner technically BUT you should be eating between 1:00 – 2:00 latest. Any later than that and all the good stuff will be gone, plus it will keep you full enough that all you will need is a light dinner. This usually comes with a protein  (roast beef, chicken, lamb OR nut roast), Yorkshire pudding, potatoes and veggies. This particular roast at this particular pub has the most delicious sauce that they cover everything in and all of the roasts are about £12 each. A steal. A fun tip about the pub is that it is located across from Ealing Studios and has been dubbed “Stage 6” as it is where all the actors and crew head after filming, so there are always some interesting characters around.


Dinner and a show

Circus – $$$

This restaurant is a blast! With a Pan Asian themed menu and a circus show on your dinner table what is not to love? Now I mean literal people dancing on the table here. The restaurant has two seating times for dinner, you purchase a 3 course menu and the shows go on in-between courses. You can also go for just cocktails if you would rather save a bit but its not quite the same experience. If you can get a seating I would, the show is worth it.

Aeronaut – $$

1466107_10153420915625357_1687357843_nThe Aeronaut is very similar to Circus but a more budget version and much more casual. Their show sells out every weekend and they have a great back garden if you have a chance to get there in good weather. They do have a full dinner menu as well but the food is only okay. The thing that stresses me out the most about this venue is that you do generally have to lineup ahead of time to choose a table once the doors open, as the show space is separate to the pub until about midnight. There is a chance to snag a reservation but it is only for big groups and I believe some pre-ordering may be involved. Once the show finishes the space becomes a dance floor which, I have to say, is usually a blast.


There you have it. Some of my favourite places. I know I don’t really mention breakfast but I never really made it too far in the morning, if I got out at all, and all the breakfast places I have been to are huge chains and nothing too exciting to speak about. If you have any questions about any of these venues please pop a note in the comments below and I will be more than happy to assist. And one more thing to re-mention… GET A RESERVATION. If I learned anything during my time in London it’s that anything worth doing requires a reservation weeks before.






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