Have you heard of it? I have come to the conclusion that it is the new camping. All of the nature but less of the fuss. Now technically a Yurt is a tent, although it is circular and covered in skins or felt and often found in central Asia and used as a dwelling for nomads.

I came across  my Yurt on Air B&B for about $95 a night which suited myself and my friend who was traveling to Canada from London and wanted to do “Canadian things”.

As a child both my friend Krystle and myself’s families were avid campers so we were sure that we would ace this 2 day trip up north. Packing up the car we headed out to what was about a 5 hour drive from Toronto (which we thought was only 2 hours) catching up on everything under the sun along the way.

The directions took us to a farmhouse where we met the family who own The Buffalo Farm where the Yurt is located. After a brief rundown on everything we headed outside to drive to the Yurt. We were then told that the weather has left the roads quite muddy and they would be taking us to the Yurt via their tractor… the bucket of their tractor. I had a good laugh until I realized that they were being serious and started loading my things into the bucket. Krystle seemed a bit put off but we jumped in with a smile on our face and took a million photos and videos of the whole thing.

When arriving at the Yurt our beds were made, mosquito nets were put up, we were handed an emergency walkie talkie with some directions as to how to avoid bears and the owner was off leaving us to our own devices. Looking around inside there was everything you would need for a camping trip and more. All the tools for the fire, bug spray, pots and pans, fresh water even a compost toilet and toilet paper to name a few. All we had to do was get a fire going for dinner and unpack.

The mosquito nets were a lifesaver as it seems this summer has been an awful one for bugs and it made our time outside much more enjoyable. Most of our days were spent drinking wine in the mosquito net covered cabana when we wern’t hanging out by the docks and kayaking around.

It was so great because there was no fussing around with a tent and sleeping bags, sleeping on the ground in a squished space and knowing that if an animal REALLY wanted to, they could rip right through the fabric tent and get us. We defiantly heard the animals around us in the night, but could sleep soundly knowing they would struggle with the door and lock. That being said, the Yurt was warm. They are meant to keep warm even in the dead of winter, so with no electricity for a fan we were defiantly sweltering. But I would say that if temperature was our biggest struggle it was a successful weekend!

Overall, a Yurt is a GREAT option for those less skilled in camping but still looking for a bit of a comfortable adventure and I would 100% recommend ours. Aside from their obvious concern for us, they had a lot to offer on their property including a horse sanctuary and loads of outdoor activities and they are only growing.

cozy camping = yurt life



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