Packing tips!


I cannot count how many times I have had to pack up my necessities for long and short haul trips. I have become a master of the 7 day or less holiday pack and am happy to share my wisdom with you all.

Always ask for samples!

All of my facial products come from Kiehl’s. I LOVE everything and I don’t know what I would do without them. I have made a note that whenever I am stocking up on products, to ask for mini samples of whatever I am buying because I would hate to forget a $50 bottle of facial serum at a hotel or have to abandon it at airport security. Once I get the samples home I pack them away in my toiletries bag and I am ready to go at a moments notice. It also works especially well with perfume samples. Tuck them away when you get it and you will always have one ready to go. Which brings me to my next point…

Always be half packed.

I am always half packed. When I buy a new brush, my old brush goes into my travel toiletries bag. I basically have doubles of everything and mini’s of everything else because when you are out and about as much as I am, you can’t expect to remember to pack all the small bits every time.

Travel Alternatives.

I adore dry shampoo. I have long hair and can’t be washing that every other day and when I am gone for a few days I would prefer to pack a dry shampoo than actual shampoo, conditioner, hair serums and a straightener. But I find that the mini dry shampoos last basically 2 uses and for the cost, I don’t think it is worth it. Alternatively I pack a mini baby powder. It’s much cheaper, has much more in it and has multiple uses including putting it in to your shoes to keep them a bit fresher. Always a great tip when you are traveling and sharing small spaces with others 😉

Conditioner is a great alternative to shaving cream if you just don’t have room for both.

My scarf is my lifesaver. So much so that it has its own blog post. Basically, it is always everything that I want it to be and looks great doing so.

Take advantage of the duty free.

I do suggest this for everything BUT I am mainly suggesting this for liquor and wine. I have traveled many places where, good wine especially, doesn’t exist or the liquor is crazy over priced because it is only the tourists that drink it and it is of the worst quality. I don’t drink beer at all, so wine is my default when I drink. If you are really interested in having a good glass of wine while you are on holiday, and your not headed to somewhere that is not known for wine, stock up on a bottle or two at the airport!

Declaration cards: stock up.

As a Canadian I am required to fill out a declaration card every time I re-enter Canada. It makes me crazy and I hate it. I never have a pen handy on the plane and I would get all stressed out that I was going to get stuck at the back of the line at the boarder control.  On my last holiday I grabbed 25 and filled them all out at once. I left blank the last few spaces that require specific trip details but that is it. Now I don’t have to stress and I can fill out the last few random bits while I wait in line at security, stress free.


Similar to the declaration cards, I have a stack of the 100ml liquid bags at home in the toiletries bag. I also make sure not to pack that away until after security. Put it in your purse or the top of your bag because they will make you dig it out. After that, tuck it away into a safe place for the rest of the journey. I have also come across a TSA approved reusable bag from Sephora that I am now in LOVE with. They are available at the cash out point at most Sephora stores.

It’s the little things…

I am very sensitive to scent. It triggers such fond memories for me depending on the moisturizer, perfume or even cologne. When I travel to somewhere new, I try to find a scent that I love and tie it to that trip. For example, I was given a travel pack of The Body Shops satsuma moisturizer and body wash and brought it on holiday sailing through Italy, Greece and Croatia. It was the only thing I used when I showered and now when I smell it, it literally makes my heart skip a beat and takes me back to my days on the Mediterranean.


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