Croatian island sailing


This is a spectacular way to see the Dalmatian Coast. Croatia is the new hot spot in Europe and there is no question as to why. The water is crystal clear, the food is delicious, the prices are reasonable, the people are friendly, their National Parks are unreal… I could go on.

Dubrovnik – Šipan or Slano – (Mljet) Korčula – Biševo (Blue cave) / Vis – Hvar – (Bol) Makarska – (Pučišća) Omiš – Split

There are a few options when looking at sailing the Dalmatian Coast depending on the kind of experiences you are looking for. Most tour companies offer this product now but I would like to stress that they all offer different versions of it, so before you go looking make sure you know what you want. I chose a bit more of a comfortable, relaxing experience on a yacht but lots of companies offer this for a more affordable price on a sail boat that is more of a 24 hour party and then there is everything in-between.

The great thing about this was being taken to private swimming holes during the day, having meals included, unpacking only once, upper deck sun tanning and seeing all of the best islands without the need to jump from ferry to car to train to bus to get from point to point.  But the one thing that did annoy me a bit was when we arrived on an island at 4:00pm and I fell instantly in love, only being able to explore for the duration of the night before heading out to the next island in the morning.

One of the coolest things I noticed while I was on the islands was a small, local business that rented cars for you to explore the island with. The coolest thing was that they were all recently refurbished VW Beetles that were painted in the most beautiful and bright colours! They were a blast to explore the island with and were located at most of the bigger islands.

I finished off this holiday with a very long drive back to London from Zagreb. It was decided that we would drive back a “G Wagen” also known as a  Mercedes-Benz G-Class all the way back home as a favour to a friend. It took the whole weekend and unfortunately for my travel partner I was unable to assist with the drive as not only was it all backwards because it was an English car, it was also manual. I spent all time between snacks sleeping. I am basically the worst passenger in the history of long haul trips, I know this.


Overall, sailing the coast is a great way to fall in love with Croatia but be prepared to fall so hard that it will require a trip or two back.



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