Egypt: Get ready, get excited


** If you are not just generally excited about Egypt please, watch my video here first. It will get the blood flowing. **

To date, Egypt is the most amazing place I have ever been. Maybe because it was my first big trip alone, my first tour ever or MAYBE it was because by the end of it, I was valued at 1 million camels (since then, I have looked into the actual value of one camel and it is about $750 each. If you are interested in checking the value of yourself or your loved one in camels check out this link! Don’t ask why I know this exists.)

As mentioned, I traveled with a tour company called On The Go. I know what you are thinking, tours don’t let you truly experience a destination and you hate the time crunch of bing rushed around blah, blah, blah. And maybe in places like London, Paris and Rome this is the case but in Egypt, I can assure you that a tour is THE BEST way to go. Especially with On The Go as they specialize in Egypt specifically and all of their tour guides are Egyptologists. I defiantly am not. I actually had such a great time on this trip it was what made me want to quit my job and work for a tour company and I was anti tours before this. I will save myself selling you on tours for another blog.

I think the reason I was so impressed with Egypt was the opportunity to see and touch such iconic things. Not only did I climb a pyramid, I went in one and rode a camel around them. I didn’t just see the Nile, I sailed down it for several days and actually swam in it. Not only did I get to relax on the beach but I snorkelled in the Red Sea. I didn’t just see the Valley of the Kings, I hot air ballooned over it at dawn.  I saw and learned a great deal about how Egypt has contributed  to so much of the world as we know it. It was literally spectacular.

Now I won’t pretend there were no flaws, there were a few. The black flies on the beach were out of control and the beggars in Cairo and the Valley of the Kings were ruthless.  At points, we were being chased down the streets while they begged for money. In their defence, when I visited it was a shortly after it was safe to travel post some turmoil so the beggars were pretty desperate. It did get slightly intrusive, but not enough to change my opinion about its greatness.

This trip was the perfect balance between relaxing and sightseeing. It was about 14 days of seeing tonnes but you had a few days to relax while you were sailing down the nile all while having breakfast, lunch and dinner made for you. There is also some time at the end to relax on the beach which was perfect. At the time, the trip included beach time in Dahab, but due to conflict, the itinerary has recently changed and they are now stopping in a beach area called Hurghada instead.

One of the absolute highlights of the trip for me was after spending the 2 weeks traveling through this amazing country as well as spectacular the tombs, we finished off the trip spending our last day at the Egyptian Museum. In 2 weeks you hear so much about the artifacts, get a really great grasp on timelines, the culture and the history and to actually see the items up close at the end was the cherry on top.

I would 100% recommend that everyone travel to Egypt. I actually think it should be compulsory for everyone but I, unfortunately only have the power of suggestion. So I suggest you travel to Egypt, I promise you won’t regret it!

Tips on traveling to Egypt:

  • bring a flashlight or torch if you are sailing down the nile as you will need it to pee at night when the boat is docked and you need to run to the washroom.
  • Egypt gets much colder than you think at night so again, if staying on the Felucca on the Nile overnight bring adequate attire.
  • Try to travel in a group, especially single females, as it is MUCH safer.
  • Any alcohol except beer is very hard to get a hold of and isn’t really sold in restaurants. Great thing about having a local guide is he showed us where the liquor store was and we had the booze delivered to our restaurant at dinner every night and were not charged a corkage fee.
  • Make sure to bring some outfits with sleeves to enter certain temples.
  • Say yes to every optional day trip including hot air ballooning over the Valley of the Kings and Luxor at night.
  • The markets are a great place to get silver, just barter well
  • Kafta is DELICIOUS
  • bring bug spray
  • bring things to do on the bus or the train as you have a few long travel days
  • food is cheap and the currency exchange is quite cheap as well which helps heaps when shopping

** for more on this trip, take a look at THE VIDEO HERE or check out the TO EXPERIENCE tab for La Dolce Vita **



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