Peru: The Amazon Jungle


“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

                                                                           – Neale Donald Walsch

Has a quote ever been more true? You hear them and wonder what must have happened to these people to inspire such an iconic phrase. Well, I can now tell you what they must have done. I am imagining interaction with 7 tarantulas, getting up close and personal to several monkeys, having a cabin alone in the middle of the jungle with no electricity or closing windows to name a few.

My time spent in the amazon was magical, yet terrifying. Even though I am, as mentioned earlier, frightened of everything I was still looking forward to this part of my trip the most. And although 99% of the time I was uncomfortable it was still the highlight of my two weeks in Peru.

Of course it was hot and muggy and I had to change about 4 times a day. Sure there were so many bugs that were louder than myself and I am guessing much bigger than myself, but I saw things I would have never and probably will never see again. I paddled down a small part of the amazon river taking in the sights, sounds and general beauty; I saw a tree (known as the Justice tree) that is hallow and covered in ants that the locals used to tie criminals to for punishment; I was surrounded by 7 tarantulas at one point while relaxing in a hammock, I had amazing fresh local food, I spent an evening on an island of monkeys, I spent an evening out on a long boat in the middle of the river staring at the stars followed by my local guide sticking his bare hand in the water and pulling out a Cayman. Most of these things terrified me but how many people in their life have opportunities like that? So I sucked it up and no matter how scared I was I smiled for the camera because when will I ever be back?

Packing list for the Amazon:
– flashlight/torch
– bug spray
– lots of light weight clothes (there are no washing facilities available and you can’t wash your stuff in the sink, it’s bad for the environment!)
– suntan lotion
– more bug spray
– hat
– hair elastics and many bobby pins (if necessary)
– plastic bags for your clothes (I divided the dirty from the clean and it kept things organised and also kept bugs from getting into them when I wasn’t around…)
– proper running shoes or boots. (When it’s wet it’s very mucky and when it is dry there are lots of plants that can cause irritation if you are wearing flip flips and these plants come in contact with your skin.
– bug bomb for room
– a bit more bug spray.

*For a video of the FULL TRIP including Machu Picchu, take a look HERE for “Peru: An adventure of a lifetime” *





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