Peru: There is a thin line between being cold and being warm. That line is a scarf.

I have made it back alive despite all of the comments of not being able to “tough it”. Although, I do have to say, this trip was no walk in the park. I was challenged daily, leaving wondering how I got myself in this situation BUT always coming out feeling accomplished and inspired.

Despite having traveled a very great deal in the past few years, I have not quite mastered the packing bit. I feel like after this trip I will be ace!

My number one piece for this trip was my scarf and will be for all trips going forward. A gift given to me by a good friend when he came to visit me in London, it is a mixture of pink and gold with a touch of black and a Paisley pattern. He picked it up in Turkey a few months back and passed it on to me in January. The funny thing is that I grabbed it as I was walking out the door thinking I probably wouldn’t need it. Was I wrong!

A scarf isn’t just a scarf. A scarf is an extra sweater when you are cold walking down the streets of Lima; a scarf is an umbrella when you are running from 6 tarantulas in the amazon rains; a scarf is a blanket when you are freezing on your bus transfer from Machu Picchu back to Cusco; a scarf is a pillow on your early morning train ride to Aguas Calientes; a scarf is sunblock when you are sailing around Lake Titikaka in the beating sun; but over all, a scarf is a scarf when you are standing 4125m above sea level, looking over both Peru and Bolivia on an island in the middle of Lake Titikaka and you are just a bit chilly.





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