Colour coordinated travel.

It’s not something I noticed while I was doing it, but magically happened on its own and I am okay with it. At least everything will go together… .

We are T-5 days until departure to Peru and the “hilarious” comments about my surviving this trip have not stopped but have escalated… dramatically. That’s fine. I’ll manage. It didn’t help having to shop for all the clothes last weekend and trying to explain to the people in the shops the look I was going for “I am going to Peru, trekking a bit, but I want to look nice, very on trend in the active world… you know?” That usually got a blank stare or a laugh, or both if I was lucky.

As you can see in the above photo everything is new. I am in no way prepared to do something like this. I was chatting with my boss just the other day about how I am not looking forward to wheeling around my luggage as I am sure my fitness levels are quite poor and I expect a struggle. Working for an adventure travel company her first instinct was to again, blank stare, then insisted that I am to take a backpack. Within 10 minutes I was borrowing one from one of the other girls in the office. Obviously it is also pink. I am banking on loosing 10lbs on this trip because of this backpack, I have been told this is an unrealistic thought for a 2 week trip. Challenge accepted.

So everything is packed away and ready to go, besides pajamas – that was an oversight. (Note to self: pack pajamas… and bug spray, defiantly bug spray. May be necessary for the amazon. May be.) I even have my plane outfit hanging over my closet door waiting to be fabulous and providing worlds of comfort I while float through the airport. I think that is one of the most important outfits to plan. You have to be smart with it. You want to be warm, because lets be honest, planes are always outrageously cold; you want the pieces to work in to the other outfits you have packed; you don’t want a struggle – getting into it at 5:00am when you are dressing in the dark, to catch that insanely early flight, that saved you £20 but caused you a world of inconvenience, and while not waking your partner who is sleeping happily and soundly in your warm bed; and if you are really good you wear the bulkiest and heaviest things to save room in your luggage.

If you haven’t gathered I really have no idea what I am doing here, but crossing my fingers. I will update you with the successes and failures upon my return. I am sure I will be FULL of tips. Hopefully I won’t make a total fool of myself.

Did I also mention throughout this trip I will be hosting 8 travel videos? Perhaps you now understand my growing concern for fashion on this trip.

Wish me luck, I will need it!



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