Even simple tasks become an adventure.

tumblr_mmh1qxPrcJ1rax7lwo1_500 I have wanted to blog about my travels for what has seemed like forever. As of recent, many people in my life have shared with me their successes in the blogging world and as my travel repertoire continues to grow there is no better time than the present to start one. So here I go!

This photo was my inspiration for this blog. Everything about it is me: the young girl overdressed to go… nowhere or anywhere; the fact that she is wearing a dress in general; the giant bag, in the desert none the less; the heals; the destination specific accessories and in the last year and a half I have moved internationally. The best part is that in spite of all of these fancy things about her she still likes to travel.That is what is the most important part to me.

Working in the industry, specifically in adventure travel, I am often laughed at by my co-workers and friends when I head out for my next adventure. “YOU are going to the Amazon in two weeks?!”  and “Hiking in Peru… YOU won’t make it. Good luck though!”  are the most recent. Yes, I am aware that I am deathly afraid of spiders, snakes and most things that move but I won’t let that run my life and dictate how and where I travel. I love it too much. I don’t need a fancy hotel, I will bring the fanciness with me, the photos will be fabulous and the outfits will be excessively over thought but perfect. Just because I am backpacking through Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand doesn’t mean I can’t wear a different dress everyday and look nice, instead of ratty t-shirts and cargo shorts. Because at the end of the day, all you have are your wonderful memories (although if you are me… few memories as I am convinced I have the memory of a goldfish) and lots of amazing photos.  Lets make them the best they can possibly be, because what if I never make it back?

Follow the trial and tribulations of my experiences traveling this wonderful planet while still keeping it slightly less practical but ensuring that I look good while I do it!

– a


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